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Warranty Support

Warranty Support Services

Businesses must ensure their clients’ quality, durability, and dependability of their services to survive in a competitive market. A warranty gives your consumers peace of mind, and there’s no better way to demonstrate that you believe in your product or service and are devoted to their continuous pleasure than by offering one. Our dedicated warranty support agents at Intersoft are ready to assist you in meeting your service and support responsibilities to your customers. Being an outsourcing company, we provide warranty service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is staffed by professionals. Moreover, our warranty support team can help with warranty assistance, including validating warranty claim validity, providing technical support, aiding customers with return/RMA requests, and dispatching your field agents for on-site needs.

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Advantages of Outsourced Warranty Support Services


We have the knowledge to help consumers directly by choosing the right warranty for them and building up a warranty program for your business. Warranty support is a frequently forgotten aspect of many business plans, but we make it simple.

24/7 Customer Support

Being a leading outsourcing company, our team is highly efficient and provides customer support services 24/7, so you don’t get confused. Speak to our dedicated team to get the warranty assistance tailored to your needs.

A Team of Professionals

An outsourced warranty provider like Intersoft is always available to provide warranty support services tailored to customers’ needs. You can get the assistance you need from highly skilled professionals.

Excellent Customer Support at Affordable Prices!

Intersoft’s experienced professionals have been trained to provide all forms of servicing and after-sales assistance, including warranty support. Many businesses choose to outsource warranty support services so that they may focus on their core competencies while still providing exceptional customer service at a low cost.

Why Choose Intersoft for Warranty Support Services?

Intersoft is a leading global outsourcing company providing warranty registration, warranty support and customer services to its worldwide clients. Our team consists of some of the most skilled and qualified experts in the industry, all of whom have been trained to fulfil the demands of our clients. Also, we successfully deliver industry-best warranty support services utilizing the most up-to-date technology and processes.

Indeed! Hiring, training, staff management, and the expense & internal resources required for delivering warranty assistance might be intimidating. The day-to-day service requirements for providing warranty assistance can be unpredictable, resulting in unexpected costs. You can maintain the quality your clients demand by collaborating with Intersoft, which provides seamless customer support and a consistent and predictable cost model.

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Warranty Registration and Intersoft

Intersoft, being a BPO Provider, offers warranty registration and support services to help your customers prove product purchase and claim benefits. We verify the accuracy of the warranty claims and help you deliver the services promised in the warranty while helping you keep your costs low and brand image high. The service menu at Intersoft includes:

  • Custom services according to the requirements of your business in order to ensure that warranty registration is accurate and timely.
  • Copies of the warranty availability, whenever needed
  • Prompt response services for your customers involve, but are not limited to, proper warranty support, notices, upgrades and respective necessary measures for uninterrupted quality services. Gathering, processing and communication of claim services and information related to claims and transmission of claims to relevant concerned party; Other warranty-related response services that the customers may require of your product for sales, cross-sales and up sales – in case of retailers.

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