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Make Your Business Run Smoothly with Accounts Receivable Outsourcing Services

At Intersoft, being one of the leading accounts receivable outsourcing services, we can accurately and efficiently process and manage your Accounts Receivables from different sources. Our expert analysts will take care of all of your accounts receivable requirements while also assisting you in lowering your collection costs. Effective collection management may reduce your cash cycle and bad debt, resulting in reduced accounts receivable overheads cost. Our accounts receivable outsourcing coordinators will automatically expand your operations to meet your demands, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Outsource Accounts Receivable Services to Intersoft

The bulk of unpaid invoices will not become business debts if you have a good account receivable management system. However, staying on top of accounts receivables, such as receivables in locations where you don’t have people who speak the language. To reclaim control, we develop a tailored solution based on your company’s requirements, enabling your business to run more efficiently, effectively, and profitability.

As a leading accounts receivable outsourcing company, we deliver highly cost-effective accounts receivable services to our clients. Our accounts receivable solutions, including small business accounts receivable services, are comprehensive yet entirely adaptable, allowing customers to select from various services.

Outsourced Accounts Receivable Management Solutions We Offer!

  • Order management and invoicing
  • Cash application and posting
  • Remittance processing
  • Refunds and settlements
  • Customer collection management

Automated Accounts Receivable

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to modernize accounts receivable processes and decrease repetitive and time-consuming procedures. Instead of keying in remittance data, printing paperwork, and downloading backup documentation, accounts receivable automation frees up time for A/R teams to focus on higher-value activities, such as reducing days of sales outstanding (DSO) monitoring high-risk accounts to prevent bad debt.

With Intersoft, you can achieve the following:

  • Instant visibility on all client accounts, invoice statuses, actions, and performance
  • Less IT resource requirements and easier onboarding
  • Resolve Short payments and invoice disputes Instantly

Why Is Intersoft an Ideal Choice?

The decision to grow which department and keep which department in-house is a constant struggle for today’s businesses, especially medium and growing companies. However, outsourcing almost always brings more benefits than it adds to the costs and here are the reasons how it can do so in the case under concern:

  • As businesses grow, keeping accounts in-house and being handled by non-specialists can lead to mistakes in managing accounts, hurdles in preventing past due accounts, and may also lead to mistakes in updating newer accounts entering into collection status daily. Thus, Businesses should get the accounts receivable management solutions from a leading firm like Intersoft.
  • We have skilled teams on board that can manage customer accounts more efficiently and have the literal and metaphorical muscle to track down debtors who have relocated or fled without informing the businesses they owe money to.
  • With Intersoft handling your accounts, the risk of mistakes goes down, but the secrecy and privacy of your accounts also improve.
  • With professionally managed accounts receivables, you get to have the information related to your financial health at your fingertips, allowing you more agility and flexibility in making business decisions and bringing in more clients.

How Can Intersoft Help You?

Intersoft not only has the required skill set you require to decide and maintain your credit cycles, but we also have just the right guidance and assistance you require to keep an uninterrupted order to cash payment cycle. From the moment you enter into a contractual agreement with your clients to the actual recovery of the money you are owed, Intersoft has technical and human resource skills to ensure you don’t worry about your receivables.

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