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Financial Analysis & Reporting Services

Every organization needs financial reporting. Reporting and analysis is the most crucial part for managing any business’s investment, growth, expenses, marketing, and just about every part of business. Financial reporting holds the power to steer any business’s direction towards success or failure. The financial analysis not only helps evaluate any organization’s operational condition and also shows how the business has performed over any particular period of time. The catch is that financial analysis is not just additions and subtractions, but proper, logical, detailed financial analysis. If you give someone inept to handle such a complicated and crucial task, the consequences can be dire.

What Intersoft has to offer?

At Intersoft highly qualified financial analysts handle your statements and also help you with strategies. Financial analysis is a tedious task and it is best left to those who not only enjoy it but are also adept with how financial statements are supposed to be analyzed to fuel growth.

Depending on the needs of your business and the stage of growth our highly qualified team can prepare annual, bi-annual, or monthly statements for your company. The time limit can also be specifically tailored to your requirements.

Done right, systematic and accurate financial statements can lead to sound cash flow and income decisions, and our team can also assist you in further decision making process to improve productivity and efficient usage of your financial resources.

Why outsource financial reporting?

There are two basic reasons for that. The key reason remains that the task demands skilled and experienced professionals, therefore rendering in-house financial analysis much less effective unless expensive and resources are hired for the job. Secondly, the biggest concern – and also the biggest benefit of outsourcing – happens to be savings on costs which can improve any organization’s competitiveness, increase profitability and promote growth. In addition to these key reasons, there is still more to gain, like:

  • Save on time that goes into detailed financial analysis and use that for other core business segments that contribute directly to revenues and profits
  • Eliminate the need of investing on expensive hardware and software that is required to carry out financial reporting
  • Improve flexibility in decision making processes and make them more quick and responsive
  • Insure against erroneous calculations leading up to faulty ratios, mismanaged financial decisions, and potential monetary lossess

What you may expect?

Financial reporting and analysis outsourcing services may also touch upon accounting and taxation areas, as well as bookkeeping and record keeping. Other services that you can choose as part or addendums of financial services include:

  • Trial balance preparation
  • Accounts reconciliation
  • Financial statements preparation
  • Inventory recording analysiss
  • Depreciation and amortization calculations
  • Accounts payable and receivables reports
  • Bank reconciliation reports
  • Inventory reports and Payroll registers
  • Risk assessment and Financial audits

Related Services

Cash flow management is another significant part of any business’s growth and future planning. When you let a BPO partner take care of your books, you automatically gain access to qualified personnel who may also assist you with your cash flow planning and usage. It is important to note here that it is entirely possible for your company to be financially healthy and profitable while being cash-poor and have poor liquidity. In such times, despite having a green balance at the end of the statements, the chances of investments, growth and capitalizing on market opportunities can become difficult. Unless you can hire an expert guiding you in the right direction with cash management, positive financial results are not enough.

There’s more…

In addition to the basic number crunching benefits, by outsourcing financial services you also get to keep the details about your company’s financial health on your fingertips. It is not only useful for the immediate managers of any organization but also comes in handy for investors, suppliers, customers, and regulatory authorities. Especially for small and medium sized businesses having regular audits can be much more expensive, which means that by outsourcing these services they also get to reap the benefits of consistent and regular reconciliation of their financial statements without any extra pressure on their finances.

Final Word

Intersoft offers all services mentioned above, and more. The team at Intersoft promises adherence to legal requirements, availability of highly qualified personnel, latest technology, and regular communication between your company and your designated outsourcing partners. With us you also gain flexibility in your business and can prevent the seasonal fluctuations while keeping yourself more agile for growth. Furthermore, we take your privacy very seriouslty, as for us it is not just a business to provide financial services but rather it is a relation building with our clients to grow together, data security and privacy remain key objectives at Intersoft which will also help you in improving your data confidentiality in addition to the whole array of benefits of outsourcing.

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