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Get AI-Powered Knowledge Process Outsourcing Services to Maximize Your Business Growth

At Intersoft, we are dedicated to delivering unrivalled analytical solutions to complex business problems. We will provide you with the greatest knowledge of employees from various fields. We fully comprehend the norms and regulations across sectors due to our expertise in dealing with multiple firms. For any of your business needs, our team is available 24/7. Allow our highly skilled team to manage your knowledge process outsourcing needs so you may concentrate on your essential business activities. If you have spent more time on management in the past and may not have had the time to build these strategies, this is where we can help! By allowing business executives to investigate additional revenue streams to focus on customer retention, we help businesses lead to higher workplace productivity.

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Our Legal Process Outsourcing Services are One Step Ahead of KPO

Intersoft, being one of the legal process outsourcing firms, provide you with access to legal professionals. We are an LPO agency with personnel who know how the legal profession operates and give you the assistance you require. Working with our legal team allows our customers to strategically use their human resource investment to better business outcomes and expand their company. Also, we are proud to work as an extended arm to our clients. We have established a robust business plan to assist our clients by translating these partnerships into long-term relationships based on the following principles:

  • Quality assurance
  • Smooth workflow processes
  • Data confidentiality
  • Security measures
  • Our highly dedicated and competent team provide comprehensive solutions. Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of state, federal, and international laws and comply with current environmental and regulatory laws.

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Intersoft Business Process Outsourcing – Your Ultimate Business Support Partner

At Intersoft, we do things distinctively! We firmly believe that business support services are not exclusively about “outsourcing”. However, they develop a concrete process of growing one’s business, providing excellent services, and retaining old customers. Hence, this all eventually leads to swift growth and progress in businesses.

We offer a wide range of BPO services which include efficient data management, troubleshooting technical errors, solving administrative issues, and grabbing potential customers. Additionally, the perfect blend of research, manpower, technology, and analytics takes your business ahead in the market. We have the expertise and skilled professionals to manage and properly set up a large inbound and outbound BPO call center and handle customers in a professional manner. Also, they excel in communicating with customers on call, generating leads, making verifications, collections and sales. Indeed, we are known to be the best-managed service providers in London

Boost Your Business Progress with Business Process Outsourcing

In today’s digital world, it is utterly impossible to move forward with traditional ways and conventional methodologies. Therefore, for sustainable growth, new services are required to anchor customer relationships and generate leads. So, we provide businesses with BPO solutions and new operating models that harness artificial intelligence, and other latest technologies to develop competitive business process models. Notably, our focus remains always on providing the best to the clients through effective customer service, smooth workflows, and smart operating systems to streamline tasks and other similar business support services.

We apply innovative ideas, intelligence, industry-related experience, IT skills, business values, modern tactics, and skill sets to increase business profitability, agility, productivity, and enhance business performance. Moreover, we try reducing costs and lowering overheads to maximize business outputs.

You can get access to our services 24/7. Importantly, our expert management and support staff focus on providing effective and responsive BPO services to businesses in order to make them compete well in the business world outside.

Take Advantage of Our Outclass Knowledge Process Outsourcing Services

Nowadays! Businesses are looking at diverse information (or data) to make sound decisions as they face rising competitive pressures. However, businesses must have high-quality vendors who can use analytics to drive their business strategy. Look no further! Intersoft, being one of the leading KPO companies in USA, is ideally positioned to execute on your knowledge process outsourcing demands by leveraging synergies across all of our disciplines, thanks to our solid expertise in IT consulting. Take benefit of our wide-ranging business, technology consulting and IT services experience and skills. Information services, research services, and high-end analytics are part of our KPO services. We offer knowledge process outsourcing services in the following areas:

  • Business Research
  • Business & Technical Analysis
  • Marketing Research
  • Animation & Design
  • Data Analytics
  • Network Management
  • Financial Services Research
  • Legal Research
  • Human Resource Research
  • Intellectual Property Research
  • Training and Consultancy

KPO Services We Offer

Our AI based knowledge process outsourcing services can range from simple areas like market research, customer trends, and the economic situation of a country to more specific and complicated areas like product strengths, weaknesses, most lucrative market locations, medical developments, etc. Usually, we provide the following constitute KPO services:

  • Financial consultants
  • Research and development
  • Business operations
  • Technical analysis
  • Investments
  • Medical research and development

Types of LPO Services We Offer

Managing many forms of legal activities daily can be difficult for legal departments of corporations, law firms, attorneys, court reporters, and other legal professionals. Intersoft, being one of the full-service legal process outsourcing firms, offers economical and effective services to satisfy your LPO needs. Our qualified and trained personnel can swiftly manage your LPO needs. Following are the legal process outsourcing services we offer:

  • Agency work
  • Document review
  • Legal research
  • Legal writing
  • Plea and statement writing
  • Drafting of briefs
  • Patent and intellectual property rights services

Why Choose Intersoft for Legal Outsourcing Services?

Our LPO services at Intersoft are tailored to each client’s requirements. We’ll work with you to discover areas where LPO services could assist your firm or organization, and we’ll work with you to stay within your budget. We are dedicated to fulfilling and exceeding the expectations of our clients. Our legal professionals and support staff try to provide great, personalized services with every engagement because we succeed when you succeed.

Are you a member of a corporate legal department or a law firm needing outsourced legal services from a reputable LPO service provider? We offer the solution to your LPO needs. Some of our significant differentiators are as follows:

  • We provide an optimal cost model that can save you money over your existing delivery model for LPO services rendered without sacrificing responsiveness or service quality.
  • Our artificial intelligence (AI) and technology solutions bring in the combined benefits of higher quality and productivity.
  • Our subject matter specialists can strategize new LPO process optimizations based on your long-term goals and budgets.
  • Also, we empower law firms and corporate legal departments to maximize their business by increasing flexibility and process ownership.

Intersoft’s Service Section

At Intersoft, you can gain both KPO and LPO services with guarantees of performance-based working as well as complete trust in keeping your research and legal details secret. Our team of professionals in several different industries, sectors, and businesses can provide you with just the right information that you need to improve your business. Your specific requirements will decide which services you will require, but as a whole, we offer

  • Contract data management
  • Data analytics (Analysis/Research)
  • Data Entry services
  • Legal Process Outsourcing
  • Content and creative service
  • Marketing campaign service

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