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  • Offshore Teams

    Access Global Talent And Expertise Without The Overhead Costs

    Collaborate with Intersoft AI's offshore teams and save up to 50% on development costs. Our IT experts can handle all your tech needs remotely.

  • Dedicated Team

    Customized Positions To Fit Your Business Needs

    Our seasoned professionals, including software engineers, data analysts, and tech specialists, will be aligned with the demands of your business, allowing you to grow without worrying about technical limitations.

  • Fixed Price Project

    Step On The Cost-Effective Strategy Of Building Software!

    Minimize risks and increase growth opportunities with Intersoft AI's fixed-price project model. Connect with the specialists and access skill sets that perfectly suit your requirements.

Maximize Your Digital Potential with Intersoft AI Services

Our Competitive Edge

We bring the most cutting-edge innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Strategy. Just put forward your requirements and get the best digital solutions from us with the fastest turnaround time.

Digital Transformation

At Intersoft AI, we have dedicated teams that provide ongoing support for digital transformation initiatives, and our fixed-price projects give predictable costs and timelines.

Team of Experts

We have one of the best professionals to serve you. Each team member is an expert in his specific field. From business case development to the first versions of your data model, they cover all the essential aspects of your business.

On-Time Delivery of Al Services

Intersoft AI, as a consulting company, uses its expertise to plan and manage projects effectively, while dedicated teams ensure that projects are delivered on time by providing consistent support and focus on project goals.

Dedicated Support Staff

We are well aware of the fact that our clients can need us anytime. Our offshore teams located in different time zones ensure 24/7 support on projects, allowing for continuous work and quick resolution of issues. You can get in touch with us any time for consultancy and to get your AI issues resolved.

Our Services

Our aim is to provide an end-to-end Digital Transformation. From Strategizing and consultation to Project Development, Delivery, and Monitoring. Below is an Overview of What We Do.

Dedicated Teams

Intersoft AI's tech talent in dedicated teams helps businesses in the IT industry utilize AI, machine learning, and computer vision for improved operations and customer experiences.

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Fixed Price Project

At Intersoft AI, our fixed-price project can help your business by providing a clear cost structure and reducing business risks associated with project overruns.

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Offshore Teams

Intersoft AI's offshore teams provide remote IT services, helping businesses with software development, data analytics, and AI solutions.

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Custom Development

We leverage your application and software requirements according to your business goals. All that will play a role in your business growth and transform your end-user experience.

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Application Customization

As the design and development of an application, its maintenance is also equally important. At Intersoft, we take special care of that aspect and provide full application support.

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AI Enablement

AI enablement is the most notable part of the solutions we provide. You can reduce your dependability on humans with our AI Tools and ChatBots. Moreover, process automation will boost your lead generation.

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