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Procurement Services


Intersoft procurement outsourcing support team offers a bespoke solution to clients that removes scale as a barrier. We can help firms improve control costs, report spending, and achieve more with less work by aggregating and strategically analyzing operational spending.

Our strategic procurement specialists’ team can positively benefit your company’s bottom line through our comprehensive procurement outsourcing process. We are one of the leading procurement outsourcing service providers that can offer competitive market research, rapid analysis of an organization’s spending, strategic vetting, negotiating payment terms, contract negotiation and management, project management, travel discounts, rapid implementations, and procurement transformation, among other things. Get in touch with our experts for the procurement support service.

Assess, Plan & Implement Procurement Outsourcing with Intersoft

We provide procurement outsourcing solutions and procurement outsourcing consulting services that help our clients increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. The Intersoft’s procurement specialists can assist you with all aspects of procurement strategy development and implementation, including benchmarking of current operations, evaluation of organizational options such as shared services, outsourcing, or offshoring, supply chain strategy formation, business process reengineering, and talent management for the procurement function, using rich empirical data and years of hands-on experience.

We find for you available channels that can provide the required goods and services, dealing and agreeing on terms of acquiring those goods and services, and deciding on the method of procurement such as bidding, tendering, or negotiations. Moreover, we ensure that all materials, equipment, supplies, and any additional services required by a business are being arranged for and provided at the highest possible quality and ‘lowest possible cost’.

Being the best procurement management services provider in the USA, Intersoft works as an extension for any business and supplements its internal processes efficiently. Our staff is well qualified and trained for the very business activities that achieve a quality-cost balance and ensures the on-time delivery of required sources. As a procurement service provider, additional responsibilities that we take over include supplier identification, strategic sourcing, and transforming procurement processes.


We have solutions that make a difference, whether it’s for end-to-end procurement delivery or simply running transactional processes. Moreover, we build procurement and sourcing strategies that meet our clients’ corporate objectives through our fully managed service. We have a team of experienced professionals ready to assist you in identifying and unlocking savings as well as managing plan implementation through our strong program management skills.

We also provide a variety of tactical procurement options, which can be used independently or in conjunction with our consulting services. Spend analysis, contract assessments, and category analysis are just a few examples. Our transactional procurement function delivers approved routes to the market through the development and management of preferred supplier solutions. Indeed, our procurement specialists do everything in their capacity to deliver you the best services. Our procurement support is available and accessible round the clock. Get in touch with our team of experienced professionals today!

Why Do You Need Procurement Outsourcing?

Our procurement outsourcing services have gained an identity of their own even beyond the gambit of usual business operations. Globally rising prices and competition and an ever-increasing pressure of maintaining and improving quality while maintaining or reducing costs have made procurement outsourcing services all the more important. With incessantly increasing costs in every business segment, maintaining procurement expertise in-house has become much costlier. Thus, with an external service, you can surely reduce the burden. Furthermore, for your company, procurement is a part of the whole chain, but for specialized procurement service providers, it is their primary job to handle all steps of the procurement, and therefore they are better equipped with better personnel and more efficient technology.

Put together; this makes procurement service providers much less costly and much more efficient in terms of improving competitiveness and productivity. Our procurement strategy experts work with clients to develop answers to their most difficult problems, incorporating creativity, ingenuity, innovation, and mastery of both procurement strategy and technology. Our procurement consulting services portfolio has been designed to meet the complete spectrum of our client’s requirements, both now and in the future.

The Benefits of Procurement Outsourcing

Starting from the most obvious benefit of lowered costs, thereby increased profitability, there are several more benefits to be gained from taking on board an external procurement service provider. These include market leverage for better quality products, more and better discounts, higher knowledge of market dynamics and suppliers, better personnel, improved communication with suppliers, better management of information and more accurate purchasing analysis, and better opportunities for negotiations to make better deals.

In both direct and indirect spending, our experienced procurement professionals produce cost savings and real business value. Importantly, we concentrate on tactical buying steps like maintaining accurate spend data, optimizing payment cycle terms, eliminating invoice errors to help optimize the procure-to-pay cycle, spot buying, purchase order management, catalog management, master data management, and accounts payable to help optimize the procure-to-pay cycle.

How Can Intersoft Help You?

Intersoft has top-notch qualified personnel well-versed in the supply market. Since we treat procurement outsourcing as one of our core businesses, we have better knowledge of industry and technology capabilities. Our experience with procurement has also allowed our staff to polish supply channels for both regular and contingency procurement. In addition to providing procurement outsourcing services at only a fraction of the cost, we guarantee performance-based results that smoothen your production flow and allow you to stay ahead of the curve.

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