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Employee Benefit Processing Services

Employee Benefit Processing Services

As job markets are getting tougher and the required qualifications for a specific job are going higher and higher, companies are also finding it harder to find, hire, and keep their workforce. That is why employee benefits make a huge difference. In addition to a brand name and corporate culture being incentives against employee turnover, these benefits above and beyond basic salary packages that keep the best of the employees loyal. Small and mid-sized firms have earned the right to provide employees with the same high-quality benefits as larger corporations. Intersoft has a full-service benefits department to assist businesses like yours in thriving by providing cost-effective employee benefit plans. We are the employee benefits administration outsourcing company providing exceptional employee benefit management services to assist employees and improve their morale.

We provide maternity and paternity benefits, health and dental insurance, paid sick leave, pension and savings plans. Employees can contact Intersoft’s employee benefits consultants with any queries or concerns about their carrier. We take the time to listen to your needs fully, understand them, and then do whatever it takes to give the best solution possible.

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Indeed! Employers need a competitive employee benefits package to attract and retain top employees in today’s economy. That is why Intersoft, a leading employee benefit management company in the USA, can work with you to ensure that your employee benefit plans are cost-effective. Our professionals provide advising and third-party administrative services for employer-sponsored eligible retirement and welfare employee benefit plans. We are uniquely positioned to deliver technical benefit package expertise and outstanding service to our clients due to our firm’s combined resources and the experience of our employee benefit consultants.

We are committed to offering high-quality employee benefit plan services that will help you keep your competitive edge and achieve your retirement objectives. Moreover, you will have direct contact with the administrator of your benefits package and receive individual care from experienced specialists responsible for your employee benefits plan.

Our Employee Benefit Management Services

Enrollment Assistance

You could be spending more time building your business instead of administering employee benefits insurance and managing the paperwork that comes with it. Intersoft professionals stay on top of the law and can handle the registration process from start to finish, answering employee queries with insider knowledge. Speak to our specialist to get the employee benefit services.

Health Care Insurance

Jobseekers frequently rank health insurance as their top priority when applying for and accepting jobs. To set yourself apart from the competitors, you must provide the finest coverage at the lowest price. We, at Intersoft, being an employee benefit outsourcing company, stands out from the competition by offering more health plans than any other HR service.

Employee Assistance Program

With ever-increasing responsibilities at work and home, we all need a little more help to keep up with the demands of everyday life. Thus, we offer the employee assistance program to businesses around the globe. Our knowledgeable and skilled staff is available to assist you 24/7. We deliver a comprehensive, full-service to member groups’ employees, focusing on customer service, technology, outcomes, and integrated wellness. As a large employee assistance program provider, we assist enterprises worldwide, provide evidence-based outcomes, and leverage innovative technology.

With our employee assistance program, we can assist you in establishing a positive and productive work environment.

  • Skilled & Compassionate Care
  • Flexible Points of Access
  • Best in Class Member Experience
  • High-Level Account Management
  • Innovative Services
  • 24/7 Support

How We Set up a Benefits Plan for Our Employees?

There are a few steps in setting up a benefits package. Firstly, as an employee benefit management services, we decide your budget that you are willing and able to put aside for benefits. Next, our employee benefits consultants determine what benefits to offer to your workforce. Notably, employees’ most preferred benefits include health benefits, 401k and paid leaves. We offer other one-time benefits to our employees that may cost much less, such as company t-shirts, food parties, birthday presents, etc.

Our Offered Employee Benefit Management Services

Our employee benefit management services include:

  • Health and welfare benefits programs
  • Voluntary benefit programs
  • Plan design, program assessment, placement, pricing and implementation
  • Funding analysis and financial evaluation
  • Health and Productivity Management
  • Integrated Disability Management
  • Total Absence Management
  • Wellness and Disease Management
  • Relationship with employees, communication and training (open enrollment, e-learning materials, training manuals)
  • Employer and employee satisfaction surveys

Flexible Employee Benefit Management Services That Matches Your Needs

You can have employee benefits management services, and you will get the benefits of reduced risk liability. With employee benefits being taken care of by Intersoft, a full-service employee benefits administration outsourcing company, you can distance yourself from the accountability of fairness and equality.

You can gain higher flexibility from taking on board an outsourcing company like Intersoft. When the businesses are growing, all segments need proper management in order to maintain harmony in business operations. Even in times of down cycles, contraction demands equally flexible processes. Sometimes, keeping everything synced becomes problematic and more cumbersome. That is why an external company taking care of your non-core tasks like employee benefits makes it far easier for businesses to plan their growth cycles and act on them.

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