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Automated Collection Services

Stop using spreadsheets, note cards, and hours of email to manage your invoice collection. You can set it and forget it with our automated invoice system, and you’ll always know how far along your A/R collecting process is. With more automated collection services, there is less need for employee cost and the risk of human error is minimized. Allow our automated collection services and automated invoice system, which includes practically endless communication, reminder, and tracking options, to help you automatically speed up invoice collections. Incorporate artificial intelligence in payment processing with Intersoft’s best outsourcing services in the USA. We, as an invoice collection agency, offer the best invoice automation solutions to companies.

Reduce Invoice Processing Costs with Automation Collection Services

Missing invoices have a high cost, which starts with late payments and quickly increases to disconnections, which have a significant impact on operations and put a company’s reputation at risk. The problem can be fixed by Intersoft’s automated collection services. Automated collection services eliminate one of the most frustrating aspects of running a business: receiving, processing, and paying various bills. Our team has the knowledge and insight to optimize your process and save you more money, whether you’re a seasoned professional or automating utility invoice collecting for the first time.

Intersoft‘s automated collection services include invoice workflow, which automates invoice processing to reduce cycle times and costs. The automated invoice system takes invoices electronically, regardless of format, and sends them to the necessary individuals and systems for evaluation, approval, and coding. The automated invoice processing reduces the number of touches per transaction, eliminates the need for re-keying data, and streamlines the movement of papers across departments.

Save Time & Cost with Automated Collection Services

Every day, you receive thousands of invoices, and entering this information into numerous systems is a high-touch, time-consuming task. Those who have invested in automated collection services can handle invoices in less than a quarter of the time it takes their manual counterparts. Now is the moment to implement tools that allow you to easily manage your end-to-end AP workflows by seamlessly ingesting invoice data across numerous channels. Automated invoice processing through Intersoft is the process of pulling data from invoices as entered and pushing it into ERP so that payment processing can be completed in a matter of seconds.

When compared to manual paper invoice processing, automated collection services help save time and money while boosting the accuracy of data captured. Intersoft is happy to provide this service to businesses across the USA. Contact our specialists if you’re unsure where to begin with Invoice Processing Automation. Many businesses continue to process bills in an old-fashioned way, resulting in large amounts of paper, photocopying, postage, manual data input, and phone fees. If your company handles a significant number of invoices each month, you should think about the cost and time benefits that employing our automated collection services can provide.

Outsource Invoice Processing Services to Intersoft

Outsourcing invoice processing to us is the finest option you can make for your company. You may ensure a high customer satisfaction score by processing a big volume of invoices in a short amount of time.

Advantages of Automated Invoice Processing

The key to processing more invoices in a fraction of the time and at a lesser cost is to automate the invoice procedure. Organizations benefit from Intersoft’s automated collection services in the following ways:

  • Effortlessly process exceptions
  • Ascertain that AP processes are consistent and well-managed.
  • Adopt AP practices that aren’t reliant on paper.
  • Eliminate process bottlenecks and reduce delays.
  • Enhance cross-departmental collaboration and communication.
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