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Intersoft provides industry-specific lead generation expertise to ensure that you receive the relevant consumers for your business, from IT firms to specialized sectors across the USA. We’re dedicated to serving a wide range of industries. For over a decade, we’ve provided our expertise to several industrial sectors. The industries we serve rely on us for their energy management, process automation, and much more.

Whether you’re a startup, a full-grown business or foundation, a bank, a manufacturer, a nonprofit organization, an institution, a government agency, a professional service firm, or a high-net-worth individual, you can count on us! We have the skills and credentials to anticipate changes with industry insight and expertise to provide hands-on support, thoroughly assess your situation, and return to you with innovative solutions. Intersoft, as an outsourcing agency, offers global outsourcing to global industries.

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We Serve in Particular


Our expertise in the telecom business enables us to provide qualified telecom leads via effective lead generation and appointment setting services. For the telecommunications industry, we provide exceptional telecom lead generation services. We are the best outsourcing agency in the USA, and we offer a wide range of tech support services to the industries we serve.

IT Industry

The IT industry is one of the industries we serve. Through effective lead generating solutions for IT services companies, we provide quality IT sales leads and engagements. We meet your requirement to satisfy client expectations and maximize market growth potential by providing the technology sales leads your company needs to stay ahead of the competition.For information technology outsourcing,contact us!

Healthcare Industry

We segment profitable markets, produce efficient Healthcare leads, and arrange appointments with qualified targets using our considerable experience in B2B appointment setting and lead generation for the Healthcare and Medical industry, one of the most important industries we serve. Intersoft develops and executes targeted healthcare lead generation programs that result in high-quality sales leads and appointments.

Marketing & Advertising

We provide you with the information, data and insight, experts, tools, and tactics you need to get your ad agency’s offer in front of the right people at the right companies with the biggest revenue potential. We are proud to assist the world’s most successful brands in achieving their sales and marketing objectives. Indeed, the industries we serve rely on us fully for energy management, business marketing, process automation and much more.

Business Products & Services

We recruit, engage, and convert new consumers through our targeted sales outreach, which ranges from professional services providers to specialty products. Changes in client needs, employee expectations, technological advancements, and other external variables have fundamentally transformed the Business Products and Services landscape, necessitating the search for a business partner that can assist services providers in meeting the difficulties. By utilizing a proven B2B lead generating and appointment scheduling procedure, Intersoft assists the Business Products and Services industry in remaining competitive and achieving maximum growth.

Human Resources

More qualified leads, meetings, and data will boost HR sales. What sets us distinct from the thousands of other lead generation companies across the world is how we do it. Our lead generating method for the Human Resource industry is backed by more than a decade of experience in the HR sales and marketing industry. We link you with appropriate HR contacts across a variety of industries we serve using our multi-touch, multi-channel account-based marketing approach.

Management Consulting

In order to generate leads for research and consulting services, you must first create a list of potential clients. For a research and consultancy organization, we plan, create, and manage clever B2B lead generation campaigns. Intersoft comes in handy when it comes to generating competent consulting leads. We collaborate with you to develop, launch, and manage consultancy lead generation initiatives that bring you in front of qualified decision-makers. Overachieve your sales goals. Intersoft is honored to assist some of the world’s most well-known brands in achieving their sales and marketing objectives.


We locate, reach, and convert new financial business leads across the board, from capital markets to investment management. To produce warm financial service leads that turn into a real business, Callbox uses unique B2B telemarketing lead generation and appointment scheduling campaigns. We understand financial industry consumer patterns, allowing us to target relevant prospects and convert them into paying clients.

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