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About Us

About Us

Intersoft is a digital solutions enterprise and consulting services provider which is focused on Intelligent Automation and Emerging Technologies. Our focus is to help our clients achieve Digital Transformation in a rapidly evolving world of machine learning and be concerned about their advancement. Our AI experts have the full capability to optimize your business modules by artificial intelligence and its practical implementations. All that will play a major role in the overall digital transformation of your business data with our artificial intelligence solutions. You can always contact us to get consultancy about AI in retail.

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About Our Transformation

The full-service contact center quickly expanded and has now moved on to the technology industry, with a focus on AI application like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Automation (RPA + AI), and Software Development along with AI consultancy – as well as providing a full suite of managed and digital services, including Business Process Outsourcing and consulting services.

AI in the
Modern World

As we move towards a new era of business evolution, the need for Artificial Intelligence-based technology is rapidly increasing. With this advancement in technology and transformation in the world of business, AI has brought about a significant difference. Notably, the stress on the corporate sector to utilize its various functions is going up. Amid all this, Intersoft’s view of Artificial Intelligence is crystal clear. Over the past few years, our researchers have noted how the world has moved about to a consumer-centric, AI-based economic climate. As a natural next step, we have created an atmosphere of AI consultancy that our clients can rely on for growth and progress.

About Our Vision

When talking about the big picture, Intersoft’s primary focus is to hit the ground running in terms of hyper-automation (or intelligent automation) and be one of the first adopters of emerging technologies as they come to the forefront. As we move into the 2020s and 2030s, Intersoft aims to deliver tomorrow’s technology today. For your business’s practical AI implementation, we have a lot of key factors in our arsenal. Let’s dive into our vision about AI services which can be summed up as:

  • To become AI-first in the race of modern data structuring and predictive analysis for a thriving business.
  • To create an unmatched human and machine collaboration accelerated with the latest approach of AI. Moreover, to use it for desired outcomes.
  • And, to use Emerging Technologies and create AI-based solutions that create an efficient, future-focused enterprise.


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