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Successful Antworks Certification Completion by Intersoft Sponsored Employees

To support the workforce in keeping pace with the technology shifts and advanced AI methods in businesses, Intersoft sponsored its resources to gain knowledge and technical skills by providing them with the opportunity of acquiring Antworks Certification. The employees under consideration were ensured to meet the prerequisites and requirements.

Intersoft took this initiative to ensure that its employees have the required digital skills and are ready for an AI-enabled workplace. The four of the Intersoft employees have completed their “Antworks Certification” successfully, which has added to their skillset. This Antworks Certification will enable these employees to take the seamless automation journey and shift the focus from digitization to automated data curation.

Following of the employees have completed the Antworks Certification:
  • Younas Khan – Project Manager
  • Murtaza – Software Developer
  • Murad Saeed – Business Development Associate
  • Tassaduq Hussain – Software Developer

Businesses have benefited greatly from artificial intelligence owing to automation and insightful data analysis. Today’s businesses are fusing the best of RPA, AI, and ML to develop a workforce with real-time intelligence. Intersoft, thus, sponsored its employees to get Antworks Certification and scale up their abilities. Undoubtedly, skill development and enhanced training programs of internal staff for complex roles are more economical than hiring new employees. Following the successful completion of their certification, the employees are expected to deploy intelligent automation methods efficiently.

About the Certification: ANTstein Accredited Fearless

This practical course is meant to teach developers intelligent automation with ANTstein, regardless of their level of experience. One can practice on the integrated automation platform ANTstein during the hands-on activities that make up this program’s delivery.

About Intersoft

Intersoft is a digital solution enterprise, a company by Mercury Enterprises Private Limited, focused on intelligent automation and emerging technologies. The company began as a full-service contact center in 2011, founded by ex-KPMG leaders. The company aims to help clients achieve digital transformation in a rapidly growing world of machine learning. Intersoft has expanded and now moved onto the technology industry with a focus on intelligence automation (RPA+AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and software development with ai consultancy.


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