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Intersoft Community And Social Entrepreneurship Program Sign MOU To Further Collaborations

Intersoft Community, enriching lives around us and is fueled by the passion and tenacity of those that join us in our projects, aimed to provide warmth and support to everyone, held an MOU signing ceremony on 14th APRIL, 2022 in which A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Intersoft Community and Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP)for future collaborations and joint ventures. The Memorandum encourages both organizations to cooperate in a broad range of areas and indulge in joint activities.

This MOU signing event was attended by the representatives of the Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) from The Superior University, Lahore:

  • Mr. Usman Sadiq (Asst. Director-Sep)
  • Mr. Syed Muhammad Ali (Asst. Manager Sep)
  • Mr. Rais Muhammad Usama (Executive-Sep)

And the representative from Intersoft Community

  • Qiran Sohail – Director Of Human Resources,
  • Rabbia Javed – Recruitment Manager
  • Turab Ali – Creative Associate

Under this Memorandum of understanding, both the parties will be collaborating in training sessions, volunteer drives, market research, community activities, leading to further developed cooperation in social work, education, research, healthcare and other areas where they can create positive impact in the community.

Here are few words form the person behind the idea of creating this community platform Mr Naveed Shahbaz “Thank you team SEP for allowing the intersoft community, more and more opportunities to take part in noble efforts that Superior University and group are making for the less privileged and deserving within our own community and or society.

Our community was specifically formed as an internal company effort to bring the forth and promote the concept of volunteerism within our own team members at intersoft, which now thanks to team SEP has broadened our horizons criteria in ways we can help thru this mutual and successful collaboration.


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