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Meet Intersoft at SEE Pakistan: Pakistan’s Largest Entrepreneurship Expo

To encourage startups and to promote creativity and innovation among youngsters, Intersoft is going to attend Pakistan’s largest Entrepreneurship Expo on Aug 18, 2022. The objective behind SEE Pakistan Entrepreneurship Expo 2022 is the embodiment of the entrepreneurial dreams of Pakistani youth. With the Association of Private Sector Universities of Pakistan (APSUP), this unique program provides a unique platform for emerging entrepreneurs to exhibit their innovative products and compete in the National Startup Championship.

The Employees of Intersoft who are going to attend SEE Pakistan Entrepreneurship Expo 2022 are:
  • Ali Shahid – Director of Finance
  • Awais Malik – Director of Operations
  • Younas Khan – Project Manager / Head of Tech
Other Attendees from Intersoft would be:
  • Aimen Naseer
  • Ali Bin Khalid
  • Atiqa Sheikh
  • Fajar Sohail
  • Muhammad Raza

About the SEE Pakistan Entrepreneurship Expo 2022

SEE Pakistan Entrepreneurship Expo 2022 is a mega event where young entrepreneurs will learn to do marvelous things for their future. Superior University has collaborated with the Association of Private Sector Universities of Pakistan to create a one-of-a-kind event to polish young talent. The exhibition is scheduled to take place on August 18, 2022, at the Lahore Expo Center, Johar Town, where the country’s most successful businessmen will share their knowledge with the youth. The objective of this exhibition is to promote the entrepreneurial revolution and to create a positive and lasting impact on startups in Pakistan.

About Intersoft

Intersoft is a digital solution enterprise, a company by Mercury Enterprises Private Limited, focused on intelligent automation and emerging technologies. The company began as a full-service contact center in 2011, founded by ex-KPMG leaders. The company aims to help clients achieve digital transformation in a rapidly growing world of machine learning. Intersoft has expanded and now moved onto the technology industry with a focus on intelligence automation (RPA+AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and software development with AI consultancy.


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