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Industry Collaborative Graduation Ceremony of 3U1M Program Students at Superior University

Superior University held the first Graduation Ceremony of 3U1M Program Students on 10th Nov 2021, where key personnel of Intersoft, a digital solutions enterprise and consulting services provider, were invited as Chief Guests. The respective members were expected to be present during the graduation ceremony of the students who were interns in Intersoft under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The ceremony was attended by:

Qiran Sohail, Director Human Resources Department

Rabbia Javed, Talent Acquisition Manager

Sumaya Anjum, Coordinator Implementations & 3U1M Program.

Intersoft along with other Industry collaborators spoke about their companies and how they contributed to the 3U1M program and the experience they had with the first batch of Interns of the 3U1M program while all the guests were given a walkthrough of the entire program and also explained the vision of the program to the collaborators.

A potential partnership benefits greatly from active and deliberate engagement between industry and academic faculties. Superior Group of Colleges and Intersoft have formed a broad learning partnership with the goal of fostering successful industry-university collaboration while also promoting practical experience and professional learning for students.

About Intersoft

Intersoft is a digital solution enterprise, a company by Mercury Enterprises Private Limited, focused on intelligent automation and emerging technologies. The company began as a full-service contact center in 2011, founded by ex-KPMG leaders. The company aims to help clients achieve digital transformation in a rapidly growing world of machine learning. Intersoft has expanded and now moved onto the technology industry with a focus on intelligence automation (RPA+AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and software development with ai consultancy.


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