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Certificates Distribution to the Volunteers of CSR Activity

To provide community services and to make society a better place, Intersoft encourages and provides volunteering opportunities to their employees as part of their CSR activities. To improve society and the environment, Intersoft Community, in collaboration with the Superior Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP), took the initiative to color Sahara Welfare School, a Child Protection School managed by Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan where professional staff members of Intersoft, students, and faculty from Superior University and members of Al Khidmat Foundation volunteered to paint the walls of the school.

The goal of this revamping activity was to provide a better and more colorful environment for students to learn and grow in and to create a sense of art in students. As, one of the participants, Hafiza Atiqa Sheikh-Senior Recruitment Executive at Intersoft said: “We are here at Sahara Welfare Foundation to play our role in bringing colors into the lives of these little souls. She added: “It’s a great experience to paint the walls to make rooms lively so students can enjoy their studies.

About the Certificates Distribution

The certification distribution ceremony was held at Intersoft, Syed Muhammad. Ali, Assistant Manager SEP (Superior Social Entrepreneurship Program), was the guest at the ceremony. The collaboration has declared the mutual interaction to strengthen the existing relationship between Intersoft Community and Superior University. Both parties have developed collaborative activities to improve the society and environment in which we operate. Volunteers from Intersoft were presented with participation certificates by Superior University to encourage and promote contribution to CSR activities.

About Intersoft

Intersoft is a digital solution enterprise, a company by Mercury Enterprises Private Limited that focuses on intelligent automation and emerging technologies. In 2011, the company began as a full-service contact center founded by ex-KPMG executives. The company’s goal is to assist clients in achieving digital transformation in the rapidly evolving world of machine learning. Intersoft has expanded and now moved onto the technology industry with a focus on intelligence automation (RPA+AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and software development with AI consultancy. Intersoft Community, a brand by Intersoft, was founded to enrich the lives of those around us; and it is powered by the passion and tenacity of those who participate in our projects, which aim to provide warmth and support to everyone.


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