Warranty Registration

Warranty Registration

Warranty is a written guarantee issued to a purchaser of any article at the time of purchase from the manufacturer for a replacement or repair, within some specified conditions – either usage measurement or time period. In terms of businesses, this is a seller’s assurance for the quality and durability of the product being sold so as to guarantee the customers’ worth for money. In certain cases, it is a requirement by the law to issue warranties. Sometimes, the warranty itself is legally authorized meaning that the seller is legally liable to provide the warranty and to honor it.

Warranty can be implied or express. An implied warranty is what you see in advertisements or from the vendors and retailers. An explicit warranty is given in writing and in the form of a contract. There are two factors to note here. A warranty is binding in either form. And secondly, even a simple, harmless looking advertisement can do a lot of damage if it is not guaranteed as a warranty from the manufacturer. For example a toothpaste literature might say “toothache gone in seven days.” But if the underline conditions are not mentioned, and the product does not work as per the advertisement language, the toothpaste can and will be liable should the consumer choose to file a suit.

Something for the Producers Too

Warranties are not only about the consumers. Producers and manufacturers also have their share in terms of non-infringement rights and merchantability. These mean that the consumer cannot misuse the intellectual property rights and cannot hold the producer liable for anything other than the specified functionality mentioned in the warranty.

Factors that Contribute to Warranty

Time: The most common and perhaps the most significant part of warranty. According to legal regulations the contractual details define the time of the warranty expiration. Once the time limit passes the liability of the producer ends and any malfunction of the product in concern is the consumers’. If a car’s warranty says free service until 1000 miles or six months whichever comes first, the warranty will end once either of these conditions are met, be in 10 miles in six months or 1000 miles in a fortnight.

Conditions: The liability, hence the warranty, are applicable only on the conditions specified in the initial contractual conditions. Let’s say if a car seller promises warranty of tyres in the weather and roads of the country the car is being sold, and the consumer takes the car into an altogether different country or weather conditions, the car manufacturer is not to be held responsible if the tyres get spoiled or work less than efficiently.

Damages Vs repudiation: Again speaking in terms of legal conditions, warranty allowed two options to the buyers of a product – claim the damages from the producer or return the product altogether. Here again, it is the contract of sale that will define which of these two, or both, are applicable to the warranty being offered. For instance, a bulb manufacturer’s warranty might include returning the bulb altogether while a car’s warranty might be free service.

Warranty Registration and Intersoft

Registration of warranty then means to claim on the promised deal. The registration of all conditions and details mentioned above is the way to ensure that the party at the receiving end of a loss is compensated. This process of claiming warranty is time consuming. Additionally, the bigger the stake the harder it is to negotiate and get the conditions of the warranty met as per your business or personal concerns. From the perspective of the producers, warranty is more sensitive because there is always a chance of false accusations and claims from the consumers, which even if dismissed later by the authorities can do a lot of damage to the producer’s market image and customer base.

At Intersoft we have just the registration and claims services that your business may require in times of such claims. In addition to verifying the accuracy of the claims of warranty, we also help you to deliver the services promised in warranty all the while helping you keep your costs low and brand image high. The service menu at Intersoft includes:

  • Customized services as per the needs of your business to ensure that warranty registration is timely and accurate
  • Availability of the copies of warranty whenever needed
  • Response services for your customers that include – but are not limited to – proper warranty notices, support, upgrades, and other measures necessary for continuous and quality services; Gathering, processing and communication of claim services and information related to claims and transmission of claims to relevant concerned party; Other warranty related response services that may be required by the customers of your product for sales, cross sales and up sales – in case of retailers.

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