BPO Treasury Service & Appropriate
Investment Projection

BPO Treasury Service & Appropriate Investment Projection

Treasury service can be defined as a function of an investment bank and may include transactions, investments and information related to investments. Treasury services are often a banking task but are not limited to financial institutions – rather it is a segment for all those businesses involved in managing money – public or own. The trade finance logistics solutions are also part of the same service and include safeguards against investment frauds, clearances and service securities, as well as portfolio management and related services for investors and dealers/brokers.

Investment projection, as the name states, is the process of setting and evaluating forward looking assumptions for the market returns. Coming under the umbrella of investment management, projections mean to predict the expected volatility or stability in investment returns, portfolio risk levels, future potential investment avenues and local assumptions of the market.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the sourcing out of a particular segment to an external partner, usually with a much higher qualified staff, technical capabilities, and experience in the relevant segment. Put together then, ‘BPO Treasury Service & Appropriate Investment Projection’ means to let an external BPO partner take care of the investment management tasks, market projections, and making predictions for investment climate in the near future.

How such projections are usually generated?

From the perspective of Intersoft, such projections are targeted to inform and benefit the clients in making their investment decisions. There are a number of factors that are involved in such type of financial management tasks, including a detailed analysis of historic returns – real and nominal and adjusted for inflation, assumptions for future returns based on market news and government plans for investment climate, appropriate adjustments required to be made to historic data, for example currency devaluations, as well as staying up to date with market, for instance, a new product launch by a successful multinational or an IPO by a rising giant.

Sometimes simulations are used to project future market returns. They can range from being very basic to very detailed and can give results in weak to very strong expected returns. At the end of the day the projections remain predictions and not certainties, but for anyone interested to make smart decisions with their money, it is always better to enter the investment market with some pre-understood realities and expectations than going blindfolded.

What can be outsourced in this category?

Theoretically? All of it. However, it is seldom practiced that someone drops their money with a broker or an outsourcing partner and lets it be with all the decisions being made without their consideration or knowledge. So in reality, a part of the decision making process is kept by the money-man or company, and the steps that can lead to a better decision making are left with the experts and those with the related technical skills.

Why outsourcing is better for treasury and investment projections?

The rationale behind outsourcing treasury services and investment projections is that this segment is a critical business segment and requires highly qualified minds, experienced professionals, and usually sophisticated software. All these things require massive investments, and are sometimes altogether unavailable in ample amount, specially the manpower. In such cases it is almost always more cost effective to outsource treasury services and investment projections to BPO companies who handle such tasks as their primary business activities instead of creating a separate department in-house. The complexity involved in the processes is another factor to consider. The scalability and industry data required to run close to accurate simulations is something not every company can afford to obtain. Furthermore, as these activities are required to be conducted in accordance with the treasury policy, and treasurers have full visibility over all transactions, they benefit from a best practice treasury environment without the need to invest in the necessary infrastructure.

What to expect at Intersoft?

  • At Intersoft there are three main advantages you will gain, and then some, by outsourcing your treasury service and appropriate investment projection:
  • The services will be standardized, which will achieve economies of scale and industry compliant data. As a result you will have to pay much less and the information you will get will mimic actual industry conditions closely, if not perfectly.
  • Since Intersoft handles these activities as one of their key tasks, we will know the specific needs of your business and therefore certain activities, such as reporting, that your company may not require will not be included, saving you even more on your costs.
  • Treasury and market projections are sensitive and private data so we will ensure that your data is held confidentially and there is no risk of leakage attached.
  • You will gain access to products and services from across the market, which are then held separately physically and technically, thereby providing you much more information and access than individually likely for your business, all with the guarantee of security and privacy.

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