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Gone are the days when you as an employer were not only responsible for choosing the best potential workers but also needed to train them on the job. You might still remember the days of cumbersome task of training your workforce on or off the job, only to lose some exceptionally talented resources right after they became useful and optimally efficient. Losing such employees could also mean losing out on business secrets and de facto handing over your competitors all the hard work you have done and paid for to improve your operations. Today’s businesses have found a much more productive, cost effective and resilient method of training their workforce – outsourcing!

Corporate In-House Workshops

Instead of having to send your employees to academies or training centers, and having to grant them paid leaves, now you can have your outsourcing partner company send their training experts to you. You can arrange corporate in-house workshops for all your resources, at every level of management and be sure to keep the content of training confidential as well. Since these trainings are also going to take place under your observation, you can have individual employees attend specific sessions based on their job description and working needs instead of having to send an entire group of workers to attend a wider training somewhere off-site.

Training Content Development

Outsourcing your training and development does not mean that you lose the right on deciding the content of the courses for your workforce. In fact you gain access to some of the best minds who are trained in preparing the training coursework and also in imparting it. Together you with complete knowledge of the demands of your business, and your outsourcing partner with the complete toolkit of the means and methods of how to best serve those needs, you can come up with as comprehensive or concise training course as you want. The best part is that it will still cost you less than having to go through all the processes yourself compromising on effectiveness, or sending your workforce for training compromising on their work and risking possible employee turnover.

Open Enrollment Public Workshops

After all is said and done there is still room for you to indulge your employees in out station trainings if your finances and work load allows for that. However, the difference between any random workshop and the open enrollment public workshops offered by the BPO companies again boils down to complete transparency and secrecy of the content of training that you wish your employees to gain. Furthermore, such workshops also allow for cutting on the costs even more than the previous two options mentioned. The result is better trained employees leading to higher efficiency and lower costs leakage in both training as well as risk of employees leaving for a competitor business.

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