Technical Support

Technical Support

Back in the day, employees of any technology intensive country used to have a field day when network system went down or any other technical issue halted the work. For businesses however that was bad news because this meant a lot of wasted time, lag in delivering services, and sometimes losing out on crucial information because of time lost in dealing with these very technical issues. Then came the stage where even though technical issues started to get resolved easily but then there was the problem of technical staff going in and out of the operational offices disturbing workers and still reducing their output. Today, thankfully, neither of these problems has to exist in your business if you simply outsource your tech support.

Remote Desktop Services is the ultimate solution to all the technical problems of your businesses whereby the expert professionals of InterSoft tech support can resolve your system issues without even having to be present at site. This means that your work flow remains unhindered and your employees also do not get disturbed with the tech team going in and out of their offices.

Other Benefits of Tech Outsourcing

Let’s start with what you are most worried about – cost of outsourcing technical support. Sure you will be paying for support reps, perhaps even for their training a little bit if your business has specific and individual tech requirements and if you have call center in the deal then that too. But the costs of hiring tech staff, having separate work space for them, the bills and extra costs that go above their salaries, and then adding the opportunity cost of other workers’ time lost in the process means that the outsourcing will be invariably cheaper for you, in terms of both time and money.


If we think of technical outsourcing as beyond repairing computers, which could alternatively have been resolved with hitting with back of your shoe, we see that tech support also means customer communication, data monitoring, data analytics, and web pages management etc. In this scenario, there are times when there is more work than your in-house tech team can handle. Of course there are also times when the tech team is free and has little to do. In both these cases, not having the suitable amount of resources can be a dull for your business. With outsourced staff on hand you can put an end to both these problems as well.

Data Security

With a team of technical professionals off the site you can also be sure that your secrets will not go out, and your employees will also not misuse the technology available to them. With monitoring and management off the core business site, there are two things that happen simultaneously: the chances of your permanent workforce making friends with tech team and having their work logs altered is out of the picture, and secondly any possible cyber attack or risk is also averted because the data is being catalogued elsewhere under much stricter and safer protections.

Cloud services and Automation

When you take on board an outsourcing partner for tech support, you partner with a company that is dedicated to this one job, as opposed to the small tech team that you can hire permanently. This means that they will have access to much better and more efficient software to manage your tech needs and will also be more effective in the management of whatever technology is being used in the market at any point in time. This will improve your work management as well and will also open much bigger space for your data to be stored and processed.

What can go wrong and how to prevent it?

  • First of all, make sure that you are partnering with a company that has everything that you don’t, starting with capacity and scalability. If you choose a BPO company that itself has limited staff then the benefits of outsourcing are cut short by a great deal and it can backfire in case you suddenly need heavier workforce.
  • Inconsistent quality is something that can ruin your customer relationship management and can also defeat the aim of having uninterrupted work flow. When signing up a company for tech support, check their previous credentials with tech services.
  • The third thing that can go wrong is lack of versatility. If you are only going to get technical expertise for one or two of the possible technical problems, then you might as well have a team in-house. You should also have an open communication with the potential outsourcing partners to resolve this issue before you enter a contract with them.

What does Intersoft have to offer?

In addition to guarantees that you will experience none of the three pitfalls mentioned above if you hire InterSoft, here are some more tech services that you can get with us:

  • Remote desktop services
  • Communicator installation & services
  • Virus Contingency Planning
  • Service & Help desk support services (Level 0 – 1 – 2)
  • Network support services
  • Software Support: MS OS
  • MS Office Suite
  • Asset Administration
  • Disaster Recovery

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