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Financial services, as the name states, relates to all business matters involving money and finances. The term financial services, is also used to describe the companies providing such services. Any product or service of financial nature governed by regulatory authorities as delegated by law is also part of financial services. Financial services can be broadly categorized into capital market services, money market services, wholesale services, and retail services.

These categories encompass a broad range of services including credit card services, insurance, accountancy, investment, consumer finance, stock brokerage, and other similar segments related to monetary operations. Financial services are primarily dedicated to generating value for investors, and with every passing day that demand for generating value is on the rise. An alternative, but equally more important, purpose of financial services is to manage the monetary responsibilities for businesses. For the purpose of this article, we will discuss this part of financial services and the most efficient ways for companies to handle these responsibilities.

Financial services require expert professionals with legitimate experience and an acute eye for financial details. This means that such professionals also need to be highly educated and trained which in turn makes them expensive to hire as well. Therefore, the more efficient and effective way to handle your company’s finances is to let experts from your outsourcing partner company take care of them.

Main Types of Financial Institutions


The most common financial institution known to any economy these days is a bank. Traditionally, banks only operated accounts and dealt with loans. But over the past few decades, banks have now become complete centers of financial services.

Financial Advisories

This is a relatively newer branch of financial institutions and refers to the organizations that provides financial advice on investments and conducts valuation services for businesses and individuals alike. While banks are primarily catering to individuals with sets of services for businesses, financial advisors are doing the opposite.

Wealth Management and Mutual Funds

These types of companies invest your money for you. They have experts on board that make intelligent decisions on different assets according to your risk appetite. Other types of financial institutions include insurance companies, brokerage firms, and CPA firms.

Financial Services Outsourcing

Finance outsourcing is one of the key factors to stay ahead of competition, in modern times. It could very well be the difference between success and failure. Financial segments of any business are the decisive areas for future investments, expansion and growth decisions, and capacity to produce newer products, marketing campaigns and pretty much every segment of the business. In this context, financial services outsourcing comes in many forms, not just money management. Modern day financial services outsourcing provides flexible solutions for budget and other specific requirements. An added benefit of outsourcing is reduced risk and increased control over business.

Why outsourcing is getting popular in financial services?

Following are only some of the many benefits that your business can reap out of outsourcing your financial services:

  • Massive cost savings
  • Access to latest technology
  • Access to better professionals
  • Higher productivity and efficiency
  • Improved processes and operations
  • Time savings and higher workforce morale

What Intersoft has in store for you?

At Intersoft we have the best available talent in the financial services industry that means all your financial segments worries gone. With our outsourcing services you will not only be freeing up your money and resources, but will also have a stronger cash flow position, better ability to strategize future expansion and growth, and better customer relationships.

Financial services have the potential to get highly intricate especially if they are being carried out from multiple geographical areas with different currencies, different stakeholders, and different legal requirements. Intersoft has financial experts adept in smoothing out such hiccups and providing you error free, performance based results. When you have properly and regularly kept financial records, you also have the financial health of your business on your finger tips, meaning better capability to make business decisions.

In a nutshell, following are some of the key financial services that you can get from us:

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BPO Treasury Service & Appropriate Investment Projection

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Emerging Technology Implementation

Budget and Forecasting

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Finance & Tax Services

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What are the most common Finance services your company is providing?

While our complete financial services portfolio provides a wide range of services including budgeting, forecasting, treasury services, and fixed asset management. However, specifically finance services encompass segments like accountancy management, stock brokerage, tax services, individual savings and investments etc. Some companies may also require financial planning, analysis, bookkeeping, and payroll management, which are also on our portfolio. With highly qualified experts, our financial services guarantee performance-based results.

What other financial services does Intersoft provide?

Intersoft has in store an entire portfolio of Finance & Tax Services, including accountancy management, stock brokerage, and management of individual savings and personal investments. We also have expert professionals dealing with accounts payables and receivables, payroll management, budgeting and forecasting, as well as bookkeeping. Should your business requires additional services like statistical analysis, credit analysis, or financial reporting we also have the latest technical capabilities and experienced personnel for that.

How skilled is your finance and accounting team?

We understand the needs of modern-day businesses as well as the laws and regulations put in place by the authorities. For this reason, we only hire qualified personnel who have work ethics in line with our metric-driven business processes approach. Our customers and performance history are a testament to that. Prevention of errors and optimum performance is as important for our resources as it is for your business.

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